Avocado Sales

Avocado Sales

Avocado Sales

From Colombia to the world the best quality of Hass Avocado. 

We obtain our avocados directly from the producer, to whom we demand an strict fulfillment of  good agricultural practices (GAP), and we provide them with technical and logistic support from the crop to the harves. Then we handle the fruits picking them up from the farm and we start the selection process to finally deliver the best quality avocados.

Our production capacity with the support from our strategic partners allows us to fulfill you requirements in quantities and desired delivery time.

Contact us and be sure of aquire the best quality hass avocados for your company!

Hass Diamond Company

Calle 9 # 4a-420, Bodega 10.
Dosquebradas, Risaralda, 661002,Colombia 
+57 310 535 72 24 / +57 606 330 00 62

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Calle 9 # 4a-420, Bodega 10. Dosquebradas, Risaralda, 661002, Colombia